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Core Hunter (Rec)
Aka Rosu
Aka Rosu 3.0
Core Hunter Rec






Core Hunter (formerly known as Aka Rosu) is a former Hero, and a member of Synastir.


Core Hunter was a Hero named Aka Rosu, he eventually became sick of it all, and before he left Hero Factory, he disabled his team, and almost killed Stormer.


After hearing that there was someone going around overcharging Hero Cores, Core Hunter decided to investigate. He eventually found Incendium overcharging Rellaj. Core Hunter shot Incendium, and upon finding out he had a Core, he removed it, as he was admiring his victory, Incendium stabbed him in the back demanding answers. After they got acquainted, Core Hunter joined Synastir.

Abilities and Traits

Core Hunter is a cold, heartless killer, who hunts Heroes for their Cores. He keeps the Cores he obtains on the belt on his back.


He uses a Core Remover and a Plasma Shooter. He used a Death Scythe as a Hero. As a 3.0, he used a Blood Claw. In his upgraded villain form he rebuilt his Blood Claw, and retired his Plasma Shooter.



  • His name as a Hero is a corruption of the Japanese words for red (aka) and kill (korosu).
  • His Death Scythe was inspired by Soul Eater.
  • His look as a villain can be seen as his 4.0 form.
  • His name as a Hero was almost changed because it's to dark for a Hero, but it was seen as a good fit.

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