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"There's a million - and I'm serious ... a million places that we could be right now - and you just had to choose the one with the falling moon."
―Corroder, The Vengeance Attack






Corroder is a Villain that serves under Von Nebula's command.


In mid-2010, shortly after the capture of Rotor, Corroder invaded Penitentiary 1331 and fought off heroes Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk and Mark Surge - and later, William Furno. He briefly escaped the conflict.

Corroder later arrived in New Stellac City, and fought the Hero Factory Alpha and Rookie Teams. After the capture of both Thunder and Meltdown, Corroder was quickly overwhelmed by Stringer's might, and stumbled to the ground. Later on, after the defeat of XPlode, Stringer and Bulk took a rusted piece of Metiosteel and tied it around the four villains. After the defeat of Von Nebula, the entangled villains struggled to escape, but obviously failed.

At one point after the Ordeal of Fire, Corroder and XPlode were transferred to a maximum security prison. The Star Gang were in the same prison and organized a breakout. After they completed their escape, they offered Corroder and XPlode a chance to join their gang, an offer which they accepted. When Alpha Team arrived at the prison, a battle ensued. Corroder battle Stormer alongside Jumpix. Corroder and the rest of the gang were defeated. They were later moved to Makuhero City.

Corroder escaped during the mass breakout, but was later recaptured by the Epsilon Team member Pine.

Corroder, however, was freed by a villain named Reaper that broke into the center. Reaper also freed Rotor, XPlode, Meltdown and Thunder. The crew escaped to Makuhero City, and were engaged in a battle there.

In another universe, the ZETA Operation team found Corroder, as well as Thunder, Rotor, XPlode and Meltdown, and they were upgraded at Acid Wharf.


Strength: 18
Agility: 18
Toughness: 18
Mind: 19

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