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Corroder (Bioniclezilla76)



Unlimited acid storing claw





Corroder is an enormous villain that uses a wide range of weapons, even though he is in possesion of one extremely powerful one.


Bad Vacation

He used to be a normal agent of Von Nebula until he went to Jenocia, Earth. He took a break there after Von died. The rest of Von's goons were there, too. Unfortunatley, they stumbled upon this snake. They realized later on that it was an ancient demonic entity in a book corroder had. They were attacked by Surge later that day. Knowing he couldn't handle the entire fleet by himself he called for a hero pod. The villians were surounding him until the ground crumbled beneath them. No one knows to this date what it was. It was surrounding them and made an easy defeat. Meltdown made a grave sacrifice though, and Corroder took it's life.


Corrroder escaped breakout and hid in an acidic planet. Meltodown came back, somehow alive, and welcomed him. "So, C. This is my hide out. Even if they do find us here they will get melted in this acid. Luckilly, we can survive it." Corroder looked around uneasily and gimmaced an epic failer of a smile. "Here is my own coffee. It is very good for acidic mutants like you and me!" Meltdown gave a warm smile. Corroder reluctantly took the "coffee", knowing that corrosive liquids and toxic waste were very different. "Err, Melty, you said you were the size of an ant the first time you drank this. Every time you drank this since you did not mutate." griped Corroder. "Old pal, that is axactly what happened. You remember even that one little conversation we had! Ole riiitoooo" Meltdown's speach progressively got stuttery as he drank. Corroder hogged it down in his throat in one gulp. He shivered and progressively got larger with his claws. "I feeeeeeeeel GREAT" he roared. Just as he did so, four of heros came in completley acidic proof armor with plasma guns. "Why four, there are two of us, Meltdown?" Meltdown just shrugged. In the distance, they saw a  metalic moater boat coming towards all four heros. "X-plode? Thunder?" corroder pandered. Sure enough, it was them. "Lets rip their armor off so we can dunks theirs heads inst dah water!" exclaimed Thunder. "No, no. Their chests!" roarred X-Plode. They all did just that to the heros. Killing them in cold vein. Four poor, young rookies. They all had so much potential

Abilities and Traits

  • Corrosion
  • Massive Claw
  • Intelligence
  • Strength
  • Horn
  • Meteor Blaster and Smaller Claw
  • Slow


Strength: 25
Agility: 20
Toughness: 25
Mind: 30

(out of 30)