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Crystal Green

Dart Team


Dual-blade (Formerly), Buzz Shield (Formerly), Gauntlet (Once), Gunblade, Red Blade, Wrist Missile




Makuhero City

Crystal Green is a member of Recon Team, the older sister of Aqua Green, adoptive sister of Wasp (and technically Kara Sting), and the secondary leader of Dart Team.


Crystal is a friend of Gary, and unlike Gary, she likes Recon Team Life, finding it exciting. She was the first member to join Dart Team.


After Crystal was kidnapped by Synastir, Gary tried to save her, but was ultimately transformed into Nery Sureshot. After convincing Wasp to leave, she help break Crystal out, and the two became friends. Since Gary was a killer who was after Heroes, they decided to make Wasp a Hero, giving her a fake Hero Core to trick him, eventually Nery was subdued by Dart Team, but he was able to escape, the team, now assisted by Vody, went to Synastir's hideout and brought Nery back.

Abilities and Traits

Crystal is known for her playful innocence. She gets along with everyone, even Armando. She is also protective over Wasp. She also wishes Armando would open up, and not be so distant.


Crystal wields a Dual-blade and a Buzz Shield. In her 4.0 form she has a jet pack, and a Gunblade. After she got her Gunblade, she gave Wasp her Dual-blade. She used a gauntlet when she first upgraded to her 4.0 form, but stopped using it soon after. As a 5.0 she got a Red Blade, and a wrist missile, which can hold three missiles, she also upgraded her Gunblade, but she retired her Buzz Shield, and later gave it to Kara.


  • Escape


Crystal Green Hero Core

Crystal's Hero Core

  • Though her "real life version" has purple, she actually has a violet Hero Core, which goes for her arm spikes as well.
  • Her name comes from the fact that she's green, and the lack of ideas. Her original last name was Valor, until her creator remembered about Lucas Valor.
  • Though she is a member of the Recon Team, she prefers a green chest plate, because the black and silver one clashes with her armor.
  • She is the first member of Dart Team to get a 4.0 upgrade, although the process was only half finished due to a power outage.
  • She is Rec's favorite HF MOC that he made.
    • Ironically she was killed off in the Arukyuriverse.
  • She is the first member of Dart Team to change their body armor.
  • Crystal and Gary have a few similarities:
    • Both have a unique weapon.
    • They are the only Recon Team members of Dart Team.
    • They are the only Hero members of Dart Team to have all their forms built.

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