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Cuffy Probe

Hero Factory







Cuffy was made fun of a lot. His only friend was Darek Magno. One day they went on a mission with William Furno to capture Voltix. At first the battle went badly. Voltix was about to strike the death blow when Cuffy attacked. He was swerving and dodging the villain's blows. He then shocked him with an electrical move. Voltix was paralyzed.


Mark Surge and Jimi Stringer were spying on a villain rally with snipers. They waited for the right moment, but one of the villains looked up spotted them. The villains began to approach the house and attempted to climb up the stairs into the house, which was falling apart. The Heroes had no were to run and they couldn't fight the villains off. Luckily, Cuffy cuffed Black Phantom and pushed Black Phantom through the crumbling building, causing it to collapse. Cuffy saved the day again and was promoted.


Strength: 2
Agility: 50
Toughness: 2
Mind: 4

Personality and Traits

He moans and wanted more friends until Magno was created and Cuffy saw that he was the only friend he needed. Now he is very confident.


  • Electrical
  • A cuff disigned with a hero core
  • Bullied by Red lightning, like other people
  • Saved heroes daily
  • Died in Millenial Shadow
  • Fought bacteria in Brain attack
  • One of the highest ranking heroes

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