To keep our Wiki looking grand, there are certain policies in place. All users are expected to read these rules, and all users shall be treated as if they have read them, whether they have or not.

By joining this wiki you automatically agree to and are bound to the Wikia Terms of Use and these rules. Infractions may and most likely will result in punishment, from reprimands to bans. Thank you.

-The CHFW Administration

Page Guidelines


While there is no set template from which to build your article, it is advised that you use a format similar to one provided below. For good examples of well laid out pages, check out the Article of the Month. We will never vote a badly formatted article to be displayed on the main page, so it's a sure way to find examples of how one should organize their pages.

Standard Page Subheadings

  • History - A brief description of the subject of the article's past
  • Appearance - What the subject looks like
  • Personality - Generally only for characters, how they act and what they think
  • Equipment - Generally only for characters, what tools they use
  • Function - For almost everything but characters, what something is used for
  • Appearances - What fiction the subject appears in
  • Quotes - A list of quotes made by the subject or about it
  • Trivia - Fun facts about the subject


All pages should have the Writer Template on them. This is to help us identify whose page is whose without digging through page history. Add it using this code: {{Writer|your username here}}.

Use infoboxes to contain the most basic outline of the subject's statistical information; ie, where it is, who it works with/for, etc. For a comprehensive guide to infoboxes, go here.

Use the Quote Template to put quotes on your article. First bit's the quote, then you said it. In source code, these are split by |s.

The Forum Template is useful when linking to stories. Simply enter the story title into it, and it will automatically make the switch from mainspace to forum, meaning it'll add "Forum:" to the title.


For sake of organization, Categories are placed on pages. We have categories for everything from Heroes to Giant Creatures. Please don't abuse these though and place unnecessary categories on articles. That just makes a mess.


Please use proper American English when writing articles. This doesn't apply to dialogue, as different characters speak different ways. Also, don't use Google Translate. It absolutely butchers sentences. And copying in word for word is tedious and requires knowledge of English declensions and conjugations and blah blah blah. So yeah. Use American English. It's easier on all of us.


Please keep all content below a mild PG-13 rating. No excessive gore, vulgar language, sexual themes, or drug/alcohol references. Hero Factory is a kid's toy theme, and we often get casual viewers who are under the age of 13. So please, keep it to a minimum and put a warning on anything with content you wouldn't see in an average PG film.

Keep discussions on religion, politics and current events to a minimum. We aren't against your beliefs and encourage people to be well informed, but such discussions can often lead to unnecessary conflict between members. So don't bring it up, and save us the trouble of breaking up a fight.

By the same logic, don't bring up other sites in any way besides casual conversation. Anything derogatory regarding other sites and their users can and likely will result in arguments and conflict, so keep it of this wiki. It should not be our responsibility to handle other site's problems. A few exceptions, however, are as follows:

  • Warning Administrators of possible vandal threats (using other sites as evidence)
  • Casual, non-derogatory references to other sites and users
  • Non-derogatory conversations about YouTube, Twitter, etc


Crossover pages are pages that combine Hero Factory with something else, such as BIONICLE or any other franchise. For example, Furno going on an adventure with Tahu (BIONICLE) would be considered a crossover. That would be a crossover. No crossover pages and stories are not allowed on this wiki and will be deleted and/or moved to the Hero Factory Crossover Wiki upon discovery.


Fanfiction, or stories written about Hero Factory (the only kind that should be found here), are to be posted in the Fanfiction Forum. Any stories posted elsewhere will be moved and the original deleted on sight.

Code of Conduct

Talk Pages

Talk pages are meant to be used for communications between users. They can be used to discuss stories, problems, questions, etc. However, talk pages are not to be used to personally attack other users. Flaming and trolling are prohibited with no exceptions. If you are guilty of either of those two offences, you are subject to punishment as determined by our administrators.

Please note that Talk Pages are public and everyone can see your messages. If you want to contact someone privately, please use the Email User option.


Blogs should be used for updates from a user. All updates must pertain to the CHFW and/or HF itself. One sentence/unrelated blogs will be considered spam and deleted.

Blog Comments

Comments should always pertain to the topic of the blog.  This goes especially for comment replies, which have been known to turn into a debate over when and why Bionicle died when the original blog post was about a new villain. Other than this, all Talk Page rules apply do blog comments; do not use them to troll, harass, etc.

Respect Other Users

Treat all other users with respect. Do not attempt to put down other users or insult other users. Doing so is rude and impolite and users guilty of this may be subject to the punishment as decided by our administrators.

Spoiler Policy

The CHFW has a strict spoiler policy. Failure to comply can result in a temporary block. This page will be updated regularly to suit the current sets and media products as well as the current information on Hero

Please note the policy does not apply to user pages and user blogs. However, any information and/or images on user pages and user blogs are not counted as official under any circumstances.


Image Names

Do not name your image something like "Yyyyyy.jpg" or "Image56.png" or "PURPLE.gif". Names such as that make it harder to link to photos and have nothing to do with the image itself.

Instead, name your image something that actually pertains to the image. That means that in image of Preston Stormer should be named "Stormer2.png" or something similar. And remember to make sure that there is only one image with that name, for else it will replace the original.

Image Categories

All images should be categorized using the Uploader's User Category (User:<Insert Username Here>) category along with the appropriate descriptive categories (Weapons, Spacecraft, Characters, etc).

Excessive Image Posting

Only post an image on a relevant article, and make sure each image appears only once on an article. Otherwise you could be accused of attempting to climb up the Leaderboard unfairly, which is frowned upon.

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