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this page was made by the one and only snoopcian this is about my self moc cyan gadget gadget lives in makuhero city and works for the hero factory gadget is the leader of team whisky delta

cyan gadget was created after fire lord was defeated and captured because nex asked Mr. Makuro if he could have a protégé, nex has taught gadget nearly every thing he knows as gadget is a engineer and communication technologist


he has no upgrades because he prefers the 2.0 armour in which he was made in he is the racer/engineer on his racer team he drives the blue flame.

Weaponry Detail

a double ended weapon with a quad barreled energy blaster on the front and a stun gun on the back.


determined but funny and love to make puns.


power 10 smarts 10 fighting skills 10


lets get this party started!


he is very popular amongst citizens fans and other hero's and despite his appearance he is extremely strong.