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Dan Blosthon
Original form
2.0 form
Dan Blosthon1
XL form
Hero XL

Hero Factory; Beeta 4 (unofficial)


Projectile Plasma Shooter, Blades, two laser weapon (all formerly), Hydrofire Clawshield, Energy bow, Projectile Laser weapons, Meteor Blaster




Makuhero City

Dan Blosthon is a Hero who was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City


Dan Blosthon was built roughly a year ago. He didn't go on missions very often, because he was constantly training. aAfter he got the 2.0 upgrade, he went on missions more often and was usually succesful. One mission was to defeat Sumrago and Fuctak in Merak 9. He defeated Fuctak, but Sumrago escaped.

After the Alpha Team came back from Savage Planet, Dan got the 3.0 upgrade and the power of the Phoenix. He then rescued people in Tanker Station 156, from Gargor.

When Beeta 4 team sent help massage, from Quatros, Blosthon was upgraded to XL-form by Gregory Hizur and Joshua Granzer, but he lost his Phoenix powers. He was later sent to Quatros, in order help Beeta 4 team to defeat Gargor and Aldos Fusarg.


In 1.0 form, Blosthon's weaponry was a Projectile Plasma shooter. As a 2.0 hero, Dan changed his Dual Plasma shooters to blades and two laser shooters. He also had a jetpack. When he got the 3.0 upgrade, Dan Blosthon start using Energy Claws as his primary weapon. After he got his XL-form, his Energy Claws became bigger and became a Hydrofire Clawshield. He also got an Energy bow, a few Projectile Laser weapons and a Meteor Blaster.


Blosthon is a very brave and noble Hero. He loves a good fight and enjoys every mission, whatever it is. He hates Aldos Fusarg, but it's unknown why.


  • Dan Blosthon is Bloszar's self-Hero MOC.
  • Dan is the only Hero who had changed his Hero Core from yellow to purple.
  • Dan Blosthon is the first entry to the Summer Contest.



  • Dan Blosthon (backview)
  • "Are you talking to me?"
  • "Is this yoga? Dang!"
  • "I can do split!"
  • Dan Blosthon surfing.