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"I knew it. I knew from the very beginning that this wasn't going to work."

"You seem to be a pessimistic hero, Mr. Rocka."

"These are pessimistic times, Ms. Breez."

- Daniel Rocka and Cyber-Breez XL, Infernum

Daniel Rocka XL
Rocka xl
Affiliation Hero Factory, Alpha-XL Team
Classification Hybrid
Ranged Weaponry AK-180 hydrogen-ion chaingun, shoulder-mounted plasma net launcher
Melee Weaponry Promethium pincers
Colour Gold, black, silver, grey, green, white
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City
Aliases None

Daniel Rocka is the eighth hero to be fitted with a permanent XL suit. His suit was completed at the same time as Nex's.


AK-180 hydrogen-ion chaingun - Rocka XL's main weapon. Though not as powerful as Cyber-Breez's compact hydro-plasma minigun, Rocka chaingun boasts a much higher frequenct, and a huge clip, capable of holding thousands of rounds at a time. Of course, this means he needs a minute or two to prepare this weapons before firing it. The ions fired are similar to Cyber-Breez's argon-ion rifle, but work to a much lesser extent.

Shoulder-mounted plasma net launcher - A one-time net launcher. Once launched, it crackles with plasma energy, essentially frying anything caught within it. Extremely effective against crowds.

Promethium pincers - A versatile tool, and a powerful weapon. Often used to wrench weapons out of a foe's grasp, Rocka also uses this to repair machines, cut wires, etc.


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