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Daniel Rocka (BZ)
Alpha One Team Member

Hero Factory


Luck, plasma blaster and shield, Plasma Sword, plasma armor







A member of the Dart Team and is very similar to William Furno, a little too similar. They are both fairly passionate and enjoy every team they go into. But they are both always used to getting XL suits, private jets, and motorcycles when ever they feel they deserve it. Rocka is fairly formidable, but not very. Rocka is best friends with Red-Lightning and tends to laugh at Darek Magno or gloat. He also has a slight crush on Rebbecca Whiplash who is disgusted by Daniel Rocka.

Markus Wind-breaker

A Hero named Markus Wind-Breaker joined the team two weeks before this mission and a weak into the team he made himself an arch nemesis who happened to be in the Millennial Shadow corp. The nemesis' name was Lelsh. The team was looking for the two and found out quickly that Wind-Breaker was captured. Lelsh held him against a wall and screamed in agony. The team split up to look for them and Rocka was the one to find them. Using his helix shooter, Rocka blasted both of them, knocking them out. Unfortunately, this made the blue and white Hero known only to be Marcus went missing and then rogue a year after words. The dart team did not care due to the fact that they were in the climax of Millennial Shadow.

Savage Planet




Millennial Shadow

Will be complete after Millennial Shadow.

Weapons and Abilities



He is used to getting everything his way. Makuero make sure Alpha Team does not say anything "remotely cruel" and Makuero always gives him all the credit whatever team he is on. When he was born, he was doing horrendous even for a rookie and was for no reason promoted to team leader. Shortly after he joined Alpha Team and the first mission they jounied to which was very simple, failed miserably before they could even land on the planet. Magno, after working extremely hard was one of the best team leaders of his time and his chance was stolen by some little brat named Rocka.


Strength: 12
Agility: 8
Toughness: 9
Mind: 7


  • I made this character the way he is because of him stealing someone else's story and completely spoiled, or God loves him. He gets a jet, an XL, no breakout mission, and gets his default upgrade to be larger than everyone else in 3.0.