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Daniel Shocker

Hero Factory


Jolt-Launcher(1.0), Plasma Harpoon, Scatter Gun(2.0), Orb Shooter, & Claw(3.0).



Daniel "Dan" Shocker is a Hero on the Lamda Team at the Hero Factory. He carries an asortment of electrical weapons, much different than the one owned by Mark Surge.


Dan Shocker was created in the Assembly Tower, for a more intelligent & focused version of Mark Surge. The experiment was succesful, and Shocker proved to be "lightning-fast" in the Training Sphere. He also proved to be skilled at long range gunning, and was soon also capable of coming up with stratagy, at "lightning-speed." He also proved himself as a worthy pilot in various dog-fights by gunning down around 30 enemies with the Drop Ship. Anything that can be shot/fired, he can operate.



In his 1.0 form, he used a weapon that fires focused beams of electricity. He also wore a helmet that resembles that of Jimi Stringer 1.0, and had bright red armor.


After the upgrade was perfected, Dan was upgraded & given new weapons. His color remained the same, but he gained a sniper lens, a plasma harpoon, and a scatter gun that launches firecracker-like projectiles.


Shocker was modified for a probe mission on a Quatros moon. He was given a Combi-Element Claw, an Orb Shooter, and had a few spikes added to his armor. Dan was equipped with an eagle helmet to fit his eagle-eye aiming.