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Daniel Taa
Daniel Taa Daniel Taa Beast

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"At first, all they see is a common Pyro Cat, then, I'm standing over them."
―Daniel Taa telling Frank Wolker about his special abiity.
Daniel Taa is a Hero that can transform into something that closely resembles a Pyro Cat.


Daniel was created to be a sort of an undercover Hero, being able to transform into a creature that most mistake for a common Pyro Cat. He was most often sent with other Hero Teams for reconnaissance. He did this for some time up until recently when he was assigned to work with Frank Wolker and Jason Asher.

Abilities and Personality

Daniel can morph into a Pyro Cat-like creature by getting down on all fours and going through a complicated process of switching his hand/sabers with his feet. He changes back by reversing this process. Daniel is very calm and independent, often separating from his teammates during a mission to help them in some way. When the others find out that he is missing, they tend to get angry at Daniel, even if his wandering off has helped.


Daniel caries two fire sabers that are part of his hand. He can also use his `tail` to stun enemies.