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General Information

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Misc. Information

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Daranus is an assassin for hire and a villain of Hero Factory, and numerous other organizations. He is a member of the Grax Gang, and has a gift of visions into other occuring events. He is also known for his own ingenious schemes, once resulting in complete panic amongst a city.


Nobody quite knows the true origins of Daranus. The most solid information Hero Factory possesses is that Daranus was (like many villains) a much nicer person turned evil.

The Grax Gang

The first official reports and records of Daranus came during one of the earliest attacks of the group of villains: The Grax Gang. Daranus was one of the supporting minor members at first, but over time it became clear he was one of the most dangerous of the gang.

Daranus is also known for taking on his own missions. He has been wanted for destruction of a mining facility, stealing of vehicles and weapons, and of course: murder. He is an assassin, and is hired for jobs both by individuals, and other gangs. Some call him a hit-man, but he has taken out all sorts of people.


A few months before the Breakout, the Grax Gang was captured and put into the maximum security prison at Hero Factory. Daranus was very very angry that he (and his gang) had actually been caught. After traveling to -CONFIDENTIAL- Daranus went on his own accord to -CONFIDENTIAL- with a secret mission. Further reports on his status coming soon.

Abilities and Traits

Just as his history is unknown, Daranus's personality hasn't been fully investigated yet. One thing's for sure, he's ruthless, and takes no prisoners. Daranus is most commonly known for his treachery and ability to toy with others. He can taunt, play tricks on, and potentially brainwash anyone he wants. The extent of his mind-bending powers is being looked into by Hero Factory.


Daranus' signature weapon is his Ultrasonic rifle, which he uses to do most of his assassinations and other dirty works. Although it can be separated from his arm, Daranus rarely removes his prized weapon. It is said that the rifle has an unlimited supply of ammo, much like his fellow gang member Aphrax.

He carries an electro-sword, that throws off sparks and do big damage to enemies. It can also be used to charge up any mechanical object, making it an even more valuable accessory.


Maximum value is 25

Strength: 21
Agility: 22
Toughness: 23
Mind: 23


  • Daranus is ranked one of the top 50 deadliest assassins
  • Daranus may be working for more than just the Grax Gang and on his own
  • Daranus is OonieCacola's unofficial villain self-MOC
  • Daranus is somewhat based on the Transformer assassin Shockwave