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The Dark Overlord
Afiliation Villain
Colors Black, Red, Grey
Team Formerly Dark Warriors
Location Unknown
Status alive

The Dark Overlord is the former evil leader of the Dark Warriors.


The Dark Overlord and his army came from the black hole of Von Nebula. (confirmed as unlike XT5). The army trained in the Castle of Darkness, waiting for the overlord to complete his plan.

When the day came when he had finished plotting his plan, he immediately placed it into action: destroying the Hero Factory. The army had more troops than the amount of heroes, and Hero Factory was nearly destroyed.

Duska, Dunkan and Eston were working on increasing the endurance level of the factory and were confronted by the overlord himself. The overlord was faster, stronger, and smarter than the three and easily defeated them.

Hero Factory was eventually destroyed, and it barely completed creating the new hero Sarah Sini, but his plans were foiled thanks to that rookie.

Sini had gained the power of restoring objects, buildings and robots due to an unknown reason and rebuilt the factory (that most likely took about 500 years to build) in ten minutes. Angrily, the overlord planned on ambushing Sini.

This failed as well.

Sini fired electric spears at all the troops and defeated them with a single blow. The overlord was then betrayed by his second in command, Richard Dekan, and was banished from the Castle. It is unknown where he is now.


The Dark Overlord is pure evil. He hates heroes and citizens of Makuhero City and wants to overwhelm the world with darkness.


"Engage our plan!"
―Dark Overlord


Strength: 8
Agility: 8
Toughness: 9
Mind: 9