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Dark Warriors

Dekan, the Dark Warriors' current leader.
Headquarters Castle of Darkness
Leader Richard Dekan
Goal To overwhelm the world with darkness
Status Every member in prison.
Allies Wait, allies? Dunno about that.
Enemies Hero Factory
Dark Overlord
Army of Water

The Dark Warriors is a group of a massive amount of villains.


The warriors came from Von Nebula's black hole. They began training under the command of the Dark Overlord, becoming stronger every day. Soon they learned how to summon monsters, which would become their way of travel.

Their first attack was engaged, an attack on the Hero Factory. Dark Troops and Monsters scattered everywhere and the heroes had a hard time in battle. Dekan led 50 troops and monsters into the Assembly Tower to destroy it and stop the new hero from being created. El, Vector, Spike and Scout were sent to defeat them while the Zeta 6 rookies, Duska, Dunkan and Eston were sent to repair the Hero Factory endurance system. The Dark Overlord stopped the three rookies, and the plan was successful- they thought.

The new hero was complete and had the power of rebuilding, and successfully rebuilt Hero Factory in ten minutes.

The Overlord angrily planned an attack to remove Sini. Which failed as well.

After two failures in a row, Dekan began blaming the overlord. A dual began and both sides struck each other with great force, but Dekan won in the end and banished the overlord.

Member Ranks



The leader commands the whole army. The current leader is Richard Dekan.



Dark Troops are the army's soldiers. Thousands exist.



Dark Monsters are like horses and are the troops' way of travel.

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