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Explosive Mace, Magma Rifle




Darkflame is a deadly titan from the planet Orex-6. He was enlisted in his planet's military, but his love for power caused him to defect. He went into hiding while he armed and prepared himself.

Then, one day, he lashed out, nearly destroying the palace and sending the government into disorder. Later, he rallied a group of titans to march upon new lands.

His conquest caught the attention of Hero Factory. War came, and through much trial and error, Hero Factory caught Darkflame and his troops. However, due to the hard helmet fused on Darkflame, there was no tracking chip in his head when the breakout transpired, allowing him to go into complete hiding. He has not been heard from since.


  • Explosive Mace- While he was in the military, Darkflame weilded a simple club. After his defection, he hired a black market weapons dealer to upgrade it into an explosive mace. The weapon was designed so that when charged, it's spikes would emit an explosive charge.
  • Magma Rifle- During his defection, Darkflame stole the rifle from the research lab in his training facility. This weapon was a claw like arm attachment that shot long range and grimly accurate stream of magma.
  • Armor- Darkflame had some of the thickest and strongest armor in the galaxy. His helmet was so strong that after he was captured, Hero Factory was unable to implant a tracking trip.


Darkflame is a evil titan with a short temper. He is a decent strategist with a want to crush all opposition. If retreats to any foe, he will return to destroy them.


  • Darkflame always hated his trainer while he was in the military.
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