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Dart Team
Dart Team Complete
Headquarters Makuhero City (Lightningverse)
Leader Gary The Torch
Crystal Green
Goal Protect the multiverse
Status Active
Allies Alpha 1 Team
Von Nebula (Once)
Rellaj Sventura

The Dart Team is a Hero Factory Team.


Originally formed by Gary The Torch, after he and Peter Icebreaker were given the option to each start a team, Peter formed Chill, while Gary formed Dart Teram. Dart Team consists of members with some sort of spike on them. They have been on many missions throughout the galaxy. When Gary left, he left Crystal in charge, although Armando didn't think it was a good idea. They are usually sent on missions to stop Synastir's plots.


Main Team

Original Team Before Rewrite

  • Gary The Torch
  • Breez 2.0
  • Breez 1.0
  • Breez 12.5
  • Crystal Green
  • Black Rose
  • Pure White
  • Armando Shine
  • Peter Icebreaker


  • Gary The Torch
  • Crystal Green (Deceased)
  • Kara Sting
  • Larry Strongarm
  • Steve Kiiro
  • Bulk 4.0
  • Natalie Breez


  • The team went through many names before Dart Team was chosen as the official title.
  • Gary was the only member who didn't have a spike on his armor, instead he has his Skewer Shield, though he was supposed to have one, but his parts exceeded the limit on the Recon Team website at the time, he has had three since his 3.0 form, his alter ego Nery Sureshot also has some.
  • It is unknown where exactly they are stationed, whether it's the Hero Factory, Recon Team base, or they have their own base. They are usually seen in a room with three couches, a table, and a chair. As a result it is left rather ambiguous in the stories where they are.
    • The team having their own base was more likely before the rewrite.
  • When being given missions, they leave after saying "Hai!" the Japanese word for yes.
  • There was originally going to be two twin brother Rookies named Jim and Tim, but they were dropped, and most of Tim was for other MOCs.
    • Jim does however appear in Overcharged as a victim of Incendium, who was being asked questions by the team.
  • There was going to be a Dart Team in the Nagisaverse that consisted of some of the original members, but the plot for Warped was slightly changed, and eventually cancelled.
  • The main reason their history was rewritten is because it would have been impossible for all the original members to appear as a set in the same place without altering photos.

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