A Robot of TS22






Dax was a robot he was a worker robot, he was work in the mining planet Ralak 5.


Dax was a Robot worker in the mining planet Ralak 5, later he was contracted by scientists to transport important packages to many places in the Hero Factory Universe including explisives and laboratory creatures. during a travel where he was carrying Icezards to Makuhero City. his ship broke down, he was crashed in the cold planet Akull.

A Hero Reborn

After Dax's crash the Icezards escaped,and began to attack the worker robot. He tried to call for help. just before a Icezard hit to Dax, a being Intercepted the stroke of the beast. Afterwards, more beasts appear to attack, he scared the Icezards off using his claw. Before takeoff, an angry Icezard boarded the ship and tried to kill his savior, but Dax jumped between the two and took the hit. Dax died where the ship crashed on Aquatrus. He was buried Dax in the seabed wheree he lies today.

Abilities and Traits

Dax had a hardhat on his head and safety glasses, like any other Robot. He has abilities in mining, by his old work in Ralak 5. He can drive any vehicle, terrestrial and aerial.


  • Dax is the only No-MOC character of Tahu TKP.