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This article was written by NgoRocktoro. Please do not add to this fiction without the writer's permission.

Dax Payne
Affiliation Hero Factory
Team Zephyr, FoxTron 7
Location Makuhero City
Status Alive

Dax Payne was a member of FoxTron 7 team and is now a part of an elite group of heroes.


Like all heroes, Dax was created in the assembly tower in Makuhero City. He was put on FoxTron 7 team, but he is now on Zephyr team.

Return to Quatros

Payne and Foxtron 7 team was assigned to investigate strange happenings on the planet, Quatros, after Witch Doctor was defeated. The mission was a failure after two members of FoxTron 7 were killed and hero, Jason Happy went missing. Payne, with the remaining members of FoxTron 7 along with two new heroes, went back to Quatros to rescue Jason. The heroes managed to complete their rescue mission and return home.


"Man, will these jerks ever give us a break"
―Dax, talking about the Quatros gang


Savage Planet Remains


  • Dax's name is based off of Max Payne.
  • Dax was created with Furno, Surge, Breez, and Evo 2.0
  • The pictures on this page where provided by NgoRocktoro
  • Dax's name was to be Max, after Max Payne but CC-0413 didn't want to make his name exactly the same.

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