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"We don't call for back-up. We call for cleanup."
Jenny Sharp, Dance in the Flames.
Delta 4
Delta 4
Headquarters Makuhero City, Assembly Tower
Leader Scott Trooper
Goal To keep peace in the galaxy
Status Active
Allies Hero Factory
Enemies Bonecrusher, Firearm

The Delta 4 team was a sub-group of the elite Hero Factory Delta Team, currently operating under the leadership of Jenny Sharp.



Similarly to all other Hero Factory Teams, the Delta 4 unit was established when its first individual member, Darius Knight, gained the Elite Hero status and was thus entrusted with leadership of his own division as well as entitlement to a senior mission manager: Patrick Zire.

Eventually gaining a position of some prominence in the Hero Factory, Knight hesitated to actively pursue a life amongst the stars, as heroes like Preston Stormer and Kirk Thresher had done. Preferring the ruts and collisions of everyday local law enforcement over the promise of opportunity off-planet, Knight remained in Makuhero City for a large portion of his early career, training various rookies in the art of strategy and tactical thinking.

Jennifer Sharp and Samuel Clank eventually established themselves as members of his team while as rookies and gained the "Elite" status while under Trooper's command.

Trooper's Injury

Several years ago, at an unclear point within the past thirteen years, Scott Trooper and Jenny Sharp were dispatched on a mission to capture Bonecrusher, a formidable enemy of the Hero Factory who had been driven to attack the peacekeeping organization and its heroes after they failed to save his species from destruction at the hands of an infectious disease.

However, Trooper's Hero Core was damaged in this conflict, rendering him unable to continue the fight. Faced with the choice of protecting her old mentor and meeting a similar fate at the hands of one of the Hero Factory's most wanted criminal enemies, Sharp was forced to allow the villain to escape while she dragged Trooper to safety. Being a skilled medic she was able to swiftly analyse her ally's condition and decided that his Core had been critically damaged. Connecting her own Hero Core to his, she was able to keep her fellow hero active until reinforcements arrived, at great cost to herself, nearly draining her own core to save him.

Unfortunately, upon returning to the Hero Factory, it was decided that Trooper's Core was in too critical a condition and had to be replaced, a striking blow that shook the team and forced Trooper's very personality to be stripped from him and replaced. In spite of the fact that the new core arguably made Trooper a more efficient leader and more righteous person, the encounter still scarred him for life and he had no previous memory.

On Trooper's behalf, Sharp established a vendetta against Bonecrusher and decided that she would bring him to justice, at all costs, for his crimes.

Integration of Rookies

Five years ago a new wave of rookie heroes were integrated into the Delta 4 hero team, consisting of Jay Ratchet, Kate Roscoe and, several years later, Patrick Gust. Each novice hero encountered different experiences in the team. Ratchet was trained by Clank, who took training the rookie very seriously, allowing his charge to become an Elite Hero two years later.

Roscoe, however, became openly hostile towards Sharp and, despite Sharp’s numerous attempts to help her to improve her skills, the rookie became jealous of the rest of her team, feeling she was forever in Sharp's shadow.
Fearing the rookie's intentions, Sharp suggested that Roscoe should be distanced from the team, resulting in her being temporarily moved to another Hero Team.

Raid of the Maldovarium

M1 Scratch 06

"There's nowhere to run...this time."

Approximately three years ago, the Hero Factory received a false distress call from the Maldovarium bar, claiming that the sender was being held hostage by a villain named Bonecrusher. Consequently, a number of hero teams, including the entire Delta 4 team were dispatched to the bar. Trooper and Sharp in particular were eager to capture the criminal after the injustice he had committed by forcing the team's leader to undergo a Core Transplant.

However, Jay Ratchet was the only hero in the team who encountered Bonecrusher. The rookie was partnered with Fredrick Nova, a reputable and efficient hero though somewhat past his prime, for the mission. The two heroes then proceeded to raid the Maldovarium with their team mates.

However, upon finding Scratch, the Trivolian owner of the facility, the two heroes were ambushed by Bonecrusher, who had used the distress call to allow him to escape. The Aurosian managed to critically injure Fredrick Nova and landed a blow to Ratchet's left arm, severely damaging it, before making an escape.

However, despite Ratchet's injury and the paralyzation of his team mate, the novice was still able to use Clank's teachings to carry his injured team mate to safety and to capture Scratch. Because of this, Ratchet was rewarded for his bravery with an upgrade to Elite Hero status, which he specifically thanked Clank for helping him to earn.

Arrival of Patrick Gust

In complete contrast to the training the other rookie's received, Gust, having been created with the upgrade, was not given as much attention as the two previous rookies. Sam Clank, in particular, did not show as much enthusiasm in training the team's youngest rookie as he had with Ratchet. With both Trooper, Sharp and Grudge unwilling to train him, Gust's training became the responsibility of the team's mission manager, Patrick Zire as a result. The rookie was harshly disciplined but still went on to become head-strong and arrogant as a result, taking his teachings for granted and often arguing with his trainer.


M1 punch shield DitF

"Yes, that's right. Punch my tiny shield!"

More recently, Sharp, Clank and Gust were sent on a mission to the planet Orcus following confirmed sightings of Bonecrusher by Jaret Tracer, a Hero in a Hero Factory outpost on the icy world.

However, while scouting the area around the Hero Factory outpost, Gust was ambushed by Bonecrusher only to find that his Ice Spear Shooter had no effect on the criminal. Consequently, Gust was nearly killed by the Aurosian and was paralysed by his modified Meteor Blaster.


Members during the events of Echo Burning

  • Jenny Sharp - Leader, Inactive
  • Sam Clank
  • Anna Thorne
  • Jay Rathcet
  • Timohy Troy - Inactive
  • A number of other Rookies

Active Members

Hero Specialism Weapons
Scott Trooper
  • Current Leader
  • Long ranged weaponry expert
  • Elite Hero
  • Energized Twin Harpoons - Abandoned
  • Energy Axe
Jenny Sharp
  • Joint second-in-command
  • Medic
  • Elite Hero
  • Multi-Tool Bolt Launcher - Abandoned
  • Multi-Tool Ice Shield - Abandoned
  • High-Impact Missile Launcher - Abandoned
  • Energy Rifle
Sam Clank
  • Joint second-in-command
  • Swordplay Expert
  • Elite Hero
  • Energized Crossbow
  • Experimental Multi-Tool Fire Shield
Jay Ratchet
  • Advanced Pilot
  • Elite Hero
Energy Harpoon
Patrick Gust
  • Advanced Engineer
  • Novice Hero
Multi-Tool Ice Shield


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