Den Thunder

Hero Factory


Lightning Shooter and Shield



"I do my duty."
―Den Thunder

Den Thunder is a Hero in the Omega Team, created in the Hero Factory Assembly Tower. He is the team leader and he takes his job very seriously as well.

Abilities & Traits

Thunder is a good friend to Bulk and Stringer. His team is the best in using far range weapons. Thunder is also a classic Hero-type. He’s is a loyal, no-nonsense guy who’s not into flash and fanfare. He’s got guts to spare and a very level head on his shoulders. MissionCam records prove without a shadow of a doubt that the incident was not Thunder’s fault in any way. Yet he still cannot shake the feeling there must have been something he could have done differently.


Thunder weilds a Red Lightning Shield with a shooter that shoots dangerous lightning at his enemies. His armor is black and dark red. His armour is the same as Bulk's, but black. His helmet is also the same as Furno's but is also colored black as well.


  • Hero Factory: The Battle for Quaza Power