The Hero Factory Department of Research and Development is an elite scientific branch of the Hero Factory that specializes in the Investigation, testing and design advanced Hero armor, weaponry, and even Heroes themselves. Currently, only Akiyama Makuro and the technicians who work here have the clearance to enter.


When the Hero Factory was formed, Mr. Makuro founded a branch dedicated to the research and development of hero operations. So, for many years the Department of Research and Development has worked diligently, designing many weapons and gadgets, and crafting some of the most skilled Heroes around.

Currently, the Department of Research and Development has had only two leaders. The first, Daniel Machine, was killed around 30 years ago in an explosion that claimed many researchers. Since then, it has been led by Alexis Machine, Daniel's "daughter" and the first Hero he created himself.


Alexis Machine, current Head of Operations.

Sebastian Gauge, Alexis' assistant, and Second in Command.

Several hundred scientists, researchers and mechanics.

Former Members

Daniel Machine, former Head of Operations. Killed in an explosion.

2 dozen researchers killed in an explosion.


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