Affiliation Meltdown
Weapons Chorak claws
Status Alive
Location Hero Factory Prison Center

Devorak is a Chorak Beast from the planet Khad and the pet of Meltdown.


Devorak was born on planet Khad some years ago. He boarded a space ship to New Stellac City the day

Devorak and Meltdown in planet Khad

he was found by Meltdown in the city.

Khad's Invasion

Devorak helped Von Nebula and his Henchbots invade the planet Khad but was stopped by Hero Factory Alpha Team.


When Hank Ultra revealed his acts as a Traitor, he took control of all Makuhero City residents. (Included Devorak) But this plan was stopped by Merrick Fortis


When Ultra was stoped, Hero Factory captured all the villians and put them in Hero Factory Prison Center.


During Black Phantom's Breakout all the villains escaped from prision, Devorak escaped with his owner Meltdown to Spherus Magna but they were re-captured by Rick Fist


  • Devorak was created by the You Tube user LegoFan9874 based on the You Tube user T1 movies' MOC, the Chorak Beast

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