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Diablo (full name, Andrew Diablo) is an obsolete model of hero and a criminal.


Andrew Diablo was created several years ago as one of the first heroes ever produced in the Hero Factory's Assembly Tower. Being one of the first heroes, his design had several flaws, but after undergoing training he was selected to join a team. Among his teammates was Hero Maria Dinamis, who was his best friend.

One day, Andrew and his team traveled to a planet to stop a dangerous slave seller. As the battle progressed, their Hero Cores began to lose energy because of their design flaws. Andrew, having little time before passing out, decided to connect himself to his teammates and absorb their energy. He then managed to finish the mission himself, but the energy drain caused fatal damage to the others.

Despite having completed the mission, most of the heroes never woke up and the Hero Factory convicted Andrew on murder charge. Maria Dinamis was the only survivor of the drain, and was to testify against him. In prison, Andrew went mad and drained the energy of his cellmate, then dismounted him, and upgraded his own armor. The only witness was Maria, who was left traumatized by the event.

In his upgraded status he was able to escape from prison and, over the years, the now reborn 'Diablo' absorbed the energy and armor of each robot he found, gaining mass and knowledge of each one, and eventually became an unrecognizable colossus.

Abilities & Traits

As a Hero, Andrew Diablo had a reputation as impulsive, and as someone who was always ready to do justice at all costs. This attitude led him to take drastic decisions for most problems, an attitude disapproved by the members of his team. However, his willingness to do everything possible also made him efficient. Andrew Diablo had a low tolerance to failure, which led him to make the fatal decision to drain the energy of his teammates without thinking of the consequences, focusing solely on fulfilling the mission.

As Diablo, he became a very powerful and dangerous robot. He has a massive thirst for power that has led him on rampages to find larger sources of energy and armor. This urge is seen as cannibalism by other robots.

One of Diablo's greatest assets is his hideous physical appearance, able to instill great fear into any that opposes him. In addition to great physical strength and durability, he can drain the energy from other robots and absorb it into his obsolete Hero Core. If he does not feed on the energy of others for a prolonged period of time, he would die.


Diablo is equipped with a Back Cannon, able to launch up to 6 rockets in quick succession.


  • Diablo is Diebeq5b's first MOC based on the Hero Factory series.