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Diandra Autopsy
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Diandra Autopsy (pronounced dye-YAN-drah AWE-top-see) is an army field surgeon assigned to the Tau-4 team.


Before the Brain Attack

Diandra was made during the Brain Attack solely for the purpose of rounding off the Tau-4 Team. Since the Tau-4 was not lacking in the offense department, some support was needed. That is where Diandra comes in. After taking data from monitoring another successful Hero, Jenny Sharp, Hero Factory would then pump out a souped up version of Jenny, Diandra Autopsy. Not just a nurse, Diandra goes by many names, one being "The Walking Hospital". She is a full-fledged army field surgeon, equally prepared to fight, as well as protect.

After the Brain Attack

Diandra has now spent over a decade supporting not only her own Hero Team, but multiple others. She's seen the entire galaxy. After all, a doctor's trade is a highly coveted thing in all parts of the galaxy.

However, just how much will her experiences help her in dealing with the supernatural?

Diandra's story, along with the rest of the Tau-'s, continues in the Madness Series.

Weaponry Detail

  • Recurve blade: A very standard melee weapon Diandra uses when the going gets tough. She's also been known to use this as a very, very, VERY large scalpel for the larger and more gruesome wounds.
  • Medical gauntlet: A scientific miracle. This gauntlet contains various incision blades, and a tiny laser beam.
  • Defibrillators: Zap! One good smack from these sends hundreds of volts into the patient's body, reviving him or her for long enough to get to a hospital.


Diandra has always been known for her composure. She seems to be perpetually calm and collected. Nothing seems to faze her.