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The Ditto
Affiliation Himself
Weapons Spearguns, 'Ditto' Blaster
Status Deceased
Location Deceased

Ditto is a Villain.


Ditto was a Meltdown wannabe. He became a criminal and was responsible for the death of many Heroes; the death toll being over fifty. He caused massive amounts of death and destruction everywhere before being defeated by the Mega Team. He was defeated by the Heroes when they were successful in blasting him with so much power, he burst apart.

Weapons and Abilities

Ditto was extremely strong and fast. He had twin spearguns and, when combined, they formed a 'Ditto Blaster'. He could absorb any blast and throw it back at an enemy by using his Ditto Blaster.


The Ditto Dying


The Ditto using his Ditto Blaster by combining his spearguns.

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