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Donagan Gav

Hero Factory


Gravity Gun




unnamed planet in the Natovi sector

"Taris 3 is moving to assist"
―Donagan Gav

Donagan Gav was a hero who served in the Natov/Cherak war.


Don was made by Hero Factory as part of the Warrior class heroes project. The Warrior class had been designed to be better equipped to deal with the growing amount of conflict in the galaxy and particularly, intense battle situations. Don was one of the first of that class, and was assigned to Taris 2 to help lead it.

When the Natov/Cherak war started, two dozen teams were assigned to assist the Cherak in helping them after negotiations broke down. One of these teams was Taris 2, and Don was plunged into several of the deadly conflicts and battles in the war, always saying whenever he took damage that it would just be a quick fix up, and he'd be back. In many of these cases, it was true, and he proved the sheer durability some of the first and unofficial versions of the Warrior class had.

During a particularly difficult and unexpected fight, where it was just the team engaging an entire contingent of Natov, Don went down after taking several armor piercing rounds from a Natov Drone, and although it was repairable, none of the others could reach him and he was permanently deactivated.

Personality and Traits

Donagan, like the rest of his Hero team, had several human aspects, such as a good sense of humor and a far greater sense of loyalty. Had his loyalty ever been tested, it would have been found he was far more loyal to his team then Hero Factory.

He was also often encouraging, always leading the team in spirit with his good advice and cheerful words.

Most importantly, at least in light of what he was designed to do, Don was a deadly warrior. His sheer strength and skill in combat, added to his own lack of concern for his quite sturdy self, made him unstoppable. He would often steamroll through the enemy, never stopping or quitting until the enemy was utterly vanquished, and then calmly saying of whatever damage he had taken that it just looked bad.

Naturally, his bravery was never taken to total stupidity, but there was certainly more then one occasion where Don was "lucky" to be alive.

Weapons and Abilities

Don's normal weapon of choice was his gravity gun, a gun which fired concentrated spheres of energy that, along with hitting hard, often flattened the target. It was very useful againts the anti-gravity technology of the Natov, which, after some focused firing, would often be overloaded in it's attempts to stay afloat.

His abilities, have, for the most part, been previously mentioned.


Don had brown and gray armor, with yellow eyes and hero core. He looked rather similar to the normal Warrior class Hero design, but, as many heroes are, is a little modified in appearance from the original design.