Dorax is a criminal with the form of an insect. He is currently imprisoned the Hero Factory Prison Center.


Dorax robbed a bank on his planet. After that, he stole a ship and escape to the planet Pantus 7.

Swamp Menace

During his time on the planet, Delta Team 2 members Mike Rustler and Stealth Stalker appeared to capture him. When Dorax saw the heroes, he began to shoot at them. Rustler threw mud in Dorax's wings and he fell into the mud. After cuffing Dorax, the heroes took him into custody.

Abilities & Traits

In insect form, Dorax had two wings and could fly. He was equipped with melee weapons and could shoot with his Blaster Spikes.


  • The model of Dorax is based in the BIONICLE character Gorast of 2008.

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