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Dr. Maniac

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Dr. Maniac is a mercenary hired by the Fire Lord.


Five years before Mr. Makuro started the project on building Heroes, the Fire Lord hired an anonymous figure named Dr. Maniac. He was at first a guard for New Stallac City, but suddenly, he went rogue and went to find Fire Lord. He was soon involved in combat with the Fire Lord's allies.

Before the fight was over, Stormer and Evo fought Dr. Maniac while the Fire Lord was battling Furno and Breez. Maniac lost control of his Twin Flame Throwers, leading to him accidently shooting and killing himself.

Abilites and Traits

He was able to deceive people, and was cunning and cruel to all Heroes.

Tools and equipment

Dr. Maniac carried one-of-a-kind set of Twin Flame Throwers which were powered by gasoline. He also had a shoulder-mounted lava shooter.


  • Dr. Maniac had a pack filled with gasoline that he kept on his back.