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Dragon Bolt

Brain Factory


Bladed Wings, Lightning Breath




Makero Skies



Before being infected, the Dragon Bolt lived in a jungle enviroment, near the Ogrums.


After being infected (nearly resisting the process) by one of the Brains sent to capture Ogrums, the Dragon Bolt flew to Makuhero City, where it eventually faced off against Jet Rocka knocking it out of the sky. In the process, Rocka landed on Dragon Bolt, deactivating the Brain and returning Dragon Bolt to normal. Unfortunately, normal wasn't very nice. After the pain of a parasite striped off from his skull, he raged and attacked Rocka as his jet that he escaped from crashed into a large building. After the severe Rocka screw up, the dragon attempted to eat him, again. As Rocka fell through the air, Furno saved him by walking right under him. The fearsome beast attacked Furno as he rose his sword to shoot his flame. The beasts lightning breath was no match for the mighty flame as the two titans battled. The dragon was about to bight Furno. It failed when he blocked it with his shield. Furno spun it around in a flaming vortex and was about to slay the beast with his fiery sword. In unfortunate timing, a Byrog snuck behind him and pulled Furno's cape. Furno tripped as the dragon bit him and indeed, ate him. Surge used his wings to chase the ticked off beats and shot his lightning missles at it. The beast was shrieking earily in rage. Surges scout drone came useful to track down the ferocious creature. Surge pulled the creatures tail off with all his might and tried to electrify it. The creature bit the wings off of Surge and he fell down from the sky, landing on Furnos legs. Breez and Bulk were blasting at the Boltster while Evo whipered in Bulks ear. Bulk shrugged aas Dragon Bolt divebombed towards them. Bulk threw Evo at the beast with all his might. Evo aimed his trident above his head in a arrow shape, slicing through the dragons stomach.


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