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Key Terms

DOHF = Dawn Of Hero Factory
DOTDS = Dawn Of The Dragon Shifters

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Dragon Shifters

The History of The Dragon Shifter Project
Date Event
5 years before DOHF during one of his hikes up the mountains, Akiyama Makuro sees the mechanical demon, Inferno destroying a large village. Devastated by this he then decides to create a institute that will create heroes that stop evil monstrosities like Inferno
0 days before/after DOHF Hero Factory is founded
35 years and 7 months after DOHF Dr Pandante Botaglove's grandma, Dr Serpeara Botaglove begins the Defence System (DS) project with the first unit in the series, the DS-1. After seeing a test of its capabilities, both Dr Serpera and Mr Makuro agree that the project should be cancelled and kept a secret.
60 years and 3 months after DOHF Dr Pandante Botaglove's father, Pengari Botaglove accidentally discovers the DS-1's blueprints and remains, intreated he rebuilds it with his own variations and using some origanal parts making the DS-2. After Discovering the work Pengari was doing, Mr Makuro tells him what happened with the first in the series. Shocked about its power, Pengari decides an more powerful version would be too dangerous and stops construction.
60 years, 3 months and 3 days after DOHF The modified DS-1 aka, the DS-2 is sealed inside the Vault Of The Eons, the most secure and heavily guarded vault within Hero Factory. The original and modified plans are sealed along with it.
4 years and 6 months before DOTDS
100 years, 0 months and 0 days after DOHF
Hero Factory celebrates 100 years of defending the universe from evil
4 years and 12 weeks before DOTDS Von Nebula attacks, the 1.0 alpha team is dispatched to take care of the menace
3 years and 12 weeks before DOTDS Fire Lord attacks, the 2.0 alpha team is dispatched to take care of the menace
2 years and 12 weeks before DOTDS Which Doctor doing evil on the Savage Planet, the 3.0 alpha team is dispatched to take care of the menace
1 year and 12 weeks before DOTDS Breakout occurs, the 4.0 alpha team is dispatched to retrieve the menace
12 weeks before DOTDS A wave of about 5,000 Brains start to attack creatures, turning them into monsters, the 5.0 alpha team is dispatched to take care of the menace
10 weeks before DOTDS The last brain is defeated
0 days before/after DOTDS deigns for The Dragon Shifter Project are finished and sent to Akiyama Makuro for review
1 week after DOTDS designs are sent back, project's danger rating is now 10 but still has the go ahead
2 weeks after DOTDS construction on the first Dragon Shifter commences
6 months and 2 weeks after DOTDS the first Dragon Shifter is created. He is given the name Steven Flame and the codename Pyrous
6 months, 2 weeks and 2 days after DOTDS Steven Flame started his testing and training
7 months after DOTDS construction on the rest of the members of the Dragon Shifter Project commences

Steven Flame finishes his training

9 months after DOTDS the rest of the Dragon Shifters are created. They are given the names:

Sam Grounder and the codename Terraus
Alexander Flood and the codename Aquaus
Matthew Iceberg and the codename Glacialus
Scott Flash and the codename Fulgurus
Jack Grounder and the codename Techneus
Samantha Vine and the codename Plantaus

9 months and 2 days after DOTDS New Dragon Shifters begin their training
10 months after DOTDS New Dragon Shifters finish their training and become members of the Beta 1 team
11 Months after DOTDS The second wave of about 1,000,000,000,000 Brains attack the near universe, all heroes on standby, including the Dragon Shifters attack the approaching menace


The History of the Counterforce of Hectic and Extremely Serious Situations
Date Event
15 years before DOTDS
85 years after DOHF
CHESS is founded by Grand Master

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