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Dragon Slayer is the name that Zack Reptileia (if you dont like it, change it, same for your other pages with this guy) took after killing a dragon shot

Dragon Slayer (Egodude4joke)
IMG 20140313 210837~2
Ranged Weaponry None
Melee Weaponry Custom Long Dagger(A.K.A. Anti-Dragon)& Dragon Bolts head as a shield.
Guns None
General Information
Affiliation None
Color(s) Black, Blue, Clear Green, Grey, white.
Current Status Alive, active
Location Unknown
Misc. Information
Alias(es) The Hero Slayer
Other Equipment
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To Be Written
Aka More To Come


  • His name came from his odd fascination for fictional dragons however, when he turned evil, he killed Dragon Bolt laughing at the irony, he now uses Dragon Bolt's armor and weapons(customized) as his own, then took the name Dragon Slayer.

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