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Drake Ethro

Hero Factory


Krack baton, Matter blaster



Drake Ethro is a hero with a unique ability to switch between two forms.


Drake Ethro was created in the Assembly Tower during a time of innovation and new ideas. He was designed with two different forms: one of which is a creepy robotic attack form, and the other a more hero-style look. He has been on plenty of missions, and had his share of successes and failures.



Abilities and Traits

Ethro has more abilities besides his two forms, most of which deal with death (or at least relating to death). His "attack form" can blast toxins at enemies, either burning them, freezing them, or paralyzing them. On the other hand, his "hero" form has the ability to withstand hits from very heavy objects/projectiles.


Ethro carries a Krack baton, capable of doubling it's power if used correctly. He also has a dart and matter blaster which can create or destroy objects thought up by it's user.


  • Ethro's matter blaster is based on Green Lantern's power
  • His matter blaster is also based on the arm-integrated weapons of the 1.0 series
  • Ethro's Krack baton is actually a lego brick separator
  • Because of his tricks dealing with death, Ethro has occasionally been called Drake "Death Row"
  • Ethro has a Slizer counterpart on the Custom Slizer Wiki


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