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Zib Canon

Dual Fire Shooter
Dual Fire Shooter
Affiliation Hero Factory Tool
Status One Destroyed
Location N/A

The Dual Fire Shooter is a weapon used by William Furno, as well as various other heroes.


William Furno, in his 1.0 form, weilded a Dual Fire Shooter. He used it in various missions, mainly against Von Nebula, Rotor, Corroder, Meltdown, XPlode and Thunder throughout his career as a 1.0 Hero. In the final battle at New Stellac City, Von Nebula destroyed Furno's Dual Fire Shooter, alongside Stormer and the other Heroes' weapons.

The destructive Fire Lord, the villainous leader of all the Fire Villains, copied Furno's Dual Fire Shooter and modified it into his own weapon, which was called a Lava Blaster.

The Dual Flame-Shock Blaster Blades were based off of this design.

Furno again got these weapons equipped on his 4.8 suit in Operation Next Generation.

Rocka's Double Fire Swords are also based on this design.

Lava Blaster

A Lava Blaster

Known Users

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