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Dunkan Bulk is a veteran Hero and senior member of Hero Factory Alpha Team.


Early Career

One of the earliest known Heroes to be manufactured by the Hero Factory, Bulk came into being in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City, based off of schematics designed by Akiyama Makuro. Trained alongside Jimi Stringer, Von Ness, and Preston Stormer, the four young Heroes were assigned to Alpha Team, operating under a hero named Thresher.

During this time, Alpha Team was notably charged with dismantling the Legion of Darkness criminal syndicate. Capturing a number of high-profile criminals in the process, this successful operation notably earned Stringer a commendation.

Bulk Stringer In Battle

Stringer alongside Bulk.

Following an ill-fated mission in Stellac City, Stormer returned to the Assembly Tower with Thresher, who had been a mortally wounded by a heavily-weaponized mechanoid and the betrayal of Von Ness. With Thresher retiring soon after the ordeal, Stormer took on the role of Alpha Leader, with Stringer and Bulk supplementing his Hero team. Training together in the years after Thresher's departure, all three members of Alpha Team were known to have earned veteran status, making them the most prominent Hero team in active duty.

Von Nebula's Revenge

Several years into his career as an Alpha Team member, Bulk and his cohorts were assigned three new rookie Heroes to their unit: Mark Surge, Natalie Breez, and William Furno. While Stormer became notoriously hard to please and held unrealistic expectations of the new recruits, Bulk and Stringer grew more sympathetic.

Three Elite

Stringer accompanying Stormer and Bulk to Merak 9.

Acting as part of an armed escort for a shipment of C-4000 on Merak 9 several months later, Bulk and his team were ambushed by XPlode and Rotor, two notorious galactic bandits. Working with Stringer to contain Rotor, Bulk was eventually forced to cover his teammate from XPlode.

Doubling back and re-engaging the two criminals, the Heroes were eventually able to corner Rotor while XPlode escaped. Offering Furno the opportunity to apply the Hero Cuffs, the Heroes were unable to apprehend either thief.

Several days later, Alpha Team was assaulted by Corroder whilst overseeing the construction of Penitentiary 1331. Heroically pushing Surge out of the line of fire, Bulk was pinned down beneath a pile of girders and injured. While Stringer drew Corroder away from the scene, Surge attempted to revive Bulk with limited success until reinforcements could be dispatched from the Assembly Tower.

Bulk unconscious

Bulk injured in the field.

An unclear number of solar cycles later, Stormer accompanied Furno, Breez, and Surge on a training exercise under his instruction. Ambushed by Meltdown and exposed to a burst of degraded nuclear waste, Stormer's armor plating was breached and the Alpha Leader became infected with a potent swarm of microscopic nanobots. Returning to the Assembly Tower for a diagnostic report, the nanobots swiftly began to affect the chemistry of Stormer's central processor, heightening his aggression. Resorting to a more primal nature, Stormer engaged Bulk, Stringer, and Furno, escaping out into Makuhero City.

With Bulk and Stringer leading Breez and Surge on a mission to retrieve the chemical antidote from Lunar Tratix, Furno trailed Stormer through Makuhero City. Locating the compound needed to purge the nanobots from Stormer's system, the Heroes were attacked by a Tratix Reptoid, which entangled Surge and prompted Bulk and Stringer to return fire. With Breez establishing contact with the Reptoid, the Heroes were ultimately able to retrieve the mineral and return to the Assembly Tower. With Furno having successfully located and retrieved Stormer, Hero Factory scientists were able to synthesize a cure that purged the nanobots for Stormer's system and remedied the Hero of Meltdown's infection.

Bulk and Stringer Mission Control

Bulk and Stringer in Mission Control

Several days later, Bulk responded to a distress call in New Stellac City alongside Stringer and Stormer. Marveling at a statue erected to commemorate Stormer's defeat of the Drone many years ago, the three Heroes swiftly discerned that they had walked into an ambush, with Thunder and Corroder emerging from two transporter pods. After a brief firefight, Bulk and his cohorts were seemingly overpowered and lost contact with Hero Factory Mission Control.

With Furno, Breez, and Surge arriving on the scene as reinforcements only for XPlode and Meltdown to appear, Bulk his teammates moved from their shelter to cover the rookies. With Alpha Team reassembled, the Heroes were confronted by a swirling, nebulous vortex in the sky above New Stellac City. With their weapons magnetically attracted to the gravitational anomaly, Stringer reluctantly relinquished his Sonic Boom Weapon before diving into the dimensional breach to confront Von Ness. With Furno defying orders and following him, Stringer was forced to fend off the villains with his remaining teammates while disarmed. Implementing the Particle Separators added to their collective arsenals before the mission, the four Heroes were able to weather the worst of the projectile attacks unharmed until all four criminals depleted their energy weapons. Successfully apprehended the rest of Von Nebula's cohorts without their weapons, the four Heroes would witness the return of Stormer and Furno and the defeat of Von Nebula.

Upon their return to Makuhero City, Bulk and his fellow Elite heroes presented Furno, Breez, and Surge to Daniella Capricorn, announcing them as the latest additions to Alpha Team.

Over the course of the following months, Bulk would return to active patrol duty and interact sparingly with his teammates. During the raid of Tanker Station 22, Bulk was attending Akiyama Makuro's unveiling of the Upgrade. While initially intrigued by the promises of a more endurable and adaptive Hero frame, Stringer was disheartened by the revelation that the Upgrade would take several months to be tested and rolled out into production. After witnessing several of his Alpha Team compatriots prematurely equipped with this new frame in order to combat Fire Lord, Bulk was soon fitted in the Assembly Tower. During this time, Stringer would witness three new Heroes joining Alpha team: Evo, Nex, and Rocka.

Savage Planet

Several months later, the Hero Factory received an urgent distress signal from a rookie named Rocka, who had countermanded instructions and journeyed to the planet Quatros. Refitted with wolf-themed armor, Bulk accompanied a team consisting of Stormer, Stringer, Nex, and Furno to recover their teammate, quelling several instances of in-fighting and excessive showmanship amongst the Heroes. Landing the Dropship on the quarantined jungle planet, Bulk listened as Stormer reiterated the mission parameters and recounted the tale of Professor Aldeous Witch's exile, a former Hero Factory scientist who had sent out the initial distress beacon.


Bulk researching Quatros in the Drop Ship

Venturing out onto the planet's surface, the Heroes tracked their fallen teammate's unique Quaza signature, eventually finding him unconscious with depleted energy reserves. While escorting the weakened rookie back to the Dropship, Furno became separated from the group and was approached by Aldeous Witch, who had now adopted the title of Witch Doctor. Surviving the encounter, Furno returned to report that the Witch Doctor was controlling Quatros' wildlife for his own sinister purposes, correlating with Rocka's testimony. With Rocka refitted with his own set of jungle armor, the Heroes set off once more in search of Witch Doctor, eventually reaching an abandoned teleportation device. However, with Rocka and Furno constantly bickering derailing his leadership efforts, Stormer furiously proposed that they each head up a smaller team of three to once and for all decide who was the better tactician. Joining Stormer on Rocka's team, Bulk journeyed on through the reactivated teleportation unit only to be reconstituted on the other side with his teammates at a fraction of their original height.

Evading capture in their diminished forms, the team performed reconnaissance by gathering information on the Witch Doctor's mining operation. Correctly determining that the villain intended to extract the raw Quaza mineral from beneath the sacred temple grounds, Rocka and Bulk were cornered by the Witch Doctor's Fangz hounds, leaving Stormer to relay the developing situation back to the Hero Factory command center, prompting Furno to home in on their location.

Reunited with the rest of the team while Furno drew Witch Doctor's attention, Nex was able to restore power to the teleportation system and reconstitute Stormer, Rocka, and Bulk back to their original size. Now at full strength, Stormer returned to the helm and led the charge against the Witch Doctor. After a confrontation with a pair of corrupted Fangz specimens, Bulk and Stringer was ultimately able to remove the corrupted Quaza Spikes from the creatures, thus releasing them from Witch Doctor's control.

With Rocka refitting himself in ancient armor found beneath the temple grounds, the Heroes were finally able to overwhelm Witch Doctor and destroy his Skull Staff, ceasing his influence over the planet's wildlife. However, with the drilling probe still in operation, Witch Doctor was able to extract the last deposit of Quaza mineral from Quatros' surface, thus debilitating the delicate ecosystem of the planet. Working to bring down the probe, Bulk and Furno were able to damage the thrusters and return the Quaza to the temple grounds from which they had been extracted, thus restoring Quatros to its original state of floral abundance. With the rescue mission complete and the exiled professor apprehended, Bulk and Stringer detained Witch Doctor and transported him back to the Hero Craft, ready for transport to the Villain Storage Facility beneath the Assembly Tower.

Brain Attack

Several months after the mass-breakout event, Bulk was recalled to the Assembly Tower and informed of an impending attack on Makuhero City. With the planet's local wildlife growing increasingly volatile and banding together around the Hero Factory headquarters, Stormer temporarily delegated leadership responsibilities to Furno while Bulk was refitted in the Assembly Tower. Adorned with a locking clamp around his Hero Core and a Visor, Bulk accompanied Alpha Team into the central quadrant of Makuhero City to fend off the army of mutated invaders, noting that their attackers were possessed by parasitic Brains.

Engaging a number of mutated Bruizers, Bulk and his teammates enjoyed considerable success in repelling the creatures, keeping the damage to a minimum and ensuring as few civilian casualties as possible. Once Bulk announced his discovery that the artificial Brains could be removed from their hosts by a blow to the cranium over the shared radio feed, the Heroes were able to more effectively combat the creatures.

Abilities and Traits

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  • Bulk was voiced by Christopher B. Duncan in the Hero Factory Television Show.


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