Dunkan Bulk contains canon Hero Factory information.
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Dunkan Bulk
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Dunkan Bulk is part of Stormer's hand-picked elite team. He is one of the strongest, steeliest Heroes ever created. His friends see Bulk as kind of like a walking demolition tank.



Personality and Traits

It’s no secret Bulk’s got more guts than smarts, but he’s a Hero through and through, and when in doubt he can usually muscle his way out. He was, unfortunately used in millenial shadow. Not on purpose, though.

Powers and Equipment

Bulk can take a hit that would fell a tree and just keeps charging. He thinks that’s because he’s a true hero, but his friends insist it’s because he’s got a thick head and is too stubborn to stop and feel the pain.


  • In the movies he seems very intelligent, though he is still treated like an idiot. (solving puzzles, history and cases)


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