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Cyber-Bulk XL
Fcb1 (2)
Affiliation Hero Factory, Alpha-XL Team
Classification Ranged-tank
Ranged Weaponry P-220 SMG, throwing knives
Guns "Bouncer" fragmentation double-feed chaingun, wrist-mounted bio-sludge launcher, shoulder-mounted Devastator-class missile launcher
Melee Weapons Ghoul shortsword
Colour Black, brown, silver, grey, blue, cyan
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City
Aliases "The Behemoth"
Other Equipment Gas mask, fragmentation grenades

"That's right. Abs of steel. Literally."

-Cyber-Bulk XL, Dreams Quartet

Bulk XL, or Dunkan Bulk was the third hero of the Alpha Team to have a permanent XL suit created for him. His fighting style is similar to Breez XL's, hanging back from the melee, and sniping his enemies. However, he sacrifices agility for endurance and armor.


Bulk XL has a variety of guns at his disposal.

Sawblade pistol: Launches whirling circular saws that can shred through metal, rock, and many other objects that are deemed 'impentrable'. The gun has a small clip, but has a very fast reload time. This is Bulk XL's primary weapon.

Reapeating Laser Cannons: Though a little inaccurate, its incredible rate of fire and amount of ammunition iytcan hold makes up for it. Even more deadly up close, it also has a Devastator-class missile launcher mounted on top of it.

Ghoul Cannon: The Ghoul Cannon is the most powerful auxilary weapon that is currrently in use by a Hero. However, the ammunition is very, very expensive, and Bulk XL carries one or two shots into any mission. But the resulting explosion is worth it.

Bulk XL's fighting style is very similar to his 1.0 version's style, which relies on guns and ranged attacks.

After his Cyber Hunter upgrade, Cyber-Bulk has a new set of weapons at his disposal:

  • P-220 SMG: A powerful SMG, based of off the human RCP-90. Capable of spitting out nearly 10 bullets a second. The P-220 is remarkably accurate, and is eqiupped wtih a laser sight. Shoots fragmentation bullets, which fragment on contact, causing huge amounts of damage to armor.
  • "Bouncer" fragmentation double-feed chaingun: Nicknamed the Bouncer due to its special ammo. This chaingun shoots so many bullets at once, it requires to separateammo feeds to keep it running. However, what makes this gun different is that is bullets will separate into two or three smaller projectiles once it hits something. These smaller bullets "bounce" until they finally lose enough kinetic energy.
  • Wrist-mounted bio-sludge launcher: Based off of the universal Meteor Launcher, instead of a ball of energy, this weapon releases a capsule of a highly viscous adhesive.
  • Shoulder-mounted Devastator-class missile launcher: Bulk's previous missile launcher was reloacted to his shoulder.
  • Ghoul shortsword: A blade made of pure promethium, this blade can slice through the thickest armor.
  • Throwing knives: A good back-up weapons in any Cyber Hero's arsenal.

Recent Missions

Bulk XL has only gone one a single solo mission as a XL Hero.

-Duskase Recon

The rest of his mission have been with Stormer XL and Surge XL.

His current mission is with the rest of the XL-Alpha team.

Additional Abilites

The main change that Bulk XL underwent was his intelligence. Although he was neverstupid before, he had his differences. Hero Factory engineers have done their best to fix this problem, but they were not able to completely remedy this problem.

His Cyber Upgrade has fixed that problem, hopefully, and he continues to use his skills and sheer power for the betterment of all. However, like all Cyber Heroes, his weakness is the second Hero Core on his back. In addition, his armor is quite cumbersome, which limits both his speed and agility.


Maximum value of 20.

Strength: 20
Agility: 15
Toughness: 20
Mind: 14

After his Cyber-XL upgrade, Cyber-Bulk XL acquired a new set of stats.

Maximum value of 25.

Strength: 24
Agility: 19
Toughness: 25
Mind: 22


Bulk XL will appear in Infernum. along with the rest of the Alpha-XL team.

Cyber-Bulk XL will also appear in Dreams Quartet. (eventually)


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