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Earth Federation
Headquarters Earth
Leader The various leaders of the different

groups on earth

Goal expansion, trade, peace
Status active
Allies Hero Factory, Verisians, and several others.
Enemies pirates, murderers, and all others of the unlawful type.

The Earth Federation is a trading empire and major military power, made of all the nations on Earth, and all the colonies they have established on other planets.


The group was started at an unknown time, when some of the more agreeable nations on earth managed to quiet the less agreeable ones.

Since then, they have explored a large area of the galaxy, formed several alliances with other alien species, and have had a Hero Factory factory installed in the capital of the U.S.A. They have also found that, like on earth, a lot of the galaxy is not friendly, and to that end set about pacifying enemies and developing an armada.

Currently, they have their armada, which is all over the place, protecting trade vessels or guarding planets and other things.

Although they only own the ninth largest amount of territory out of all the known nations in the galaxy, they are(though it's argueable) the strongest, and richest group in the galaxy, and are expanding through exploration and trade.

As their ground troops have little to do, several are being ferried around the galaxy to recently acquired planets, in order to make sure a certain crime syndicate doesn't set up shop, or, as is the case on Goron II, are working on ousting the bandits from their planet.

Known Actions

  • Accepted other nations on earth into the federation to expand.
  • Explored some of the galaxy.
  • Made alliances.
  • Set up a trade empire.
  • Built an armada and became a super power.
  • Attacked a fortress made by a crime syndicate after requesting help from Hero Factory.


The Earth Federation is a name taken by Sunrise and Bandai for the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise.