"Here I come to save the day!"
Edward Blanko
LEGO Hero Factory MOC Blanko XL






Edward Blanko is an unusually built Hero from the short lived 1.9 series. After he was created, the Hero Factory scientists didn't make anymore 1.9 heroes. Blanko was most likely built from simply spare parts since his colors vary. As well as being made from spare parts, he is also taller than most other Heroes.


Blanko is one of the strangest heroes he is of the tallest normal heroes. At one point he got small and he was into racing. When the breakout begain, Blanko was ready but his body looked like a 1.0 design and he went off to find 3 villains and he found someone from the hero recon team his twin brother, Koblank and thay combined themselths together to make Ultimate Blankoblank to stop the 3 villains but there was a 4th villain that destroyed both of them but they will be back.


"I am yesterdays Hero of tomorrow!"


  • At one point, Blanko became an XL hero. But there is no storyline of when and where he was added XL armor.
  • Blanko was the evil twin of the highly successful Hero Koblank, but, due to Koblanks' design, it looked the other way around.
  • Blanko is created by legojang, and so is the storyline.


LEGO Hero Factory MOC Blanko 1

LEGO Hero Factory MOC Blanko 1.9

LEGOJANG's first video of Blanko 1.9

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