Edward Gunner
Hero (Retired)

Hero Factory


Claw/Gun, Wits




Gunner Ranch, Makuhero City

Edward Gunner is a famous hero. He is known for his strength and his clawed gun. He was built in the Assembly Tower.

Gunner's 2.0 form


Gunner was blinded while in a battle with Jetbug. Although he is blind, Gunner is able to see because of his clear optic generator glasses in his helmet. He is best friends with Johnny Bomber. Along with Fire Lord, he was able to defeat bomber. Later he was able to cure Bomber by getting help from an unwilling Witch Doctor.

XL Form

Gunner was just updated with a new Xl form. In his new form, he has a double bladed claw that flies off of his hand. He is now heavily armored with two folding out metal arms on his back. He has a new boulder cannon that resembles a Meteor Blaster.

His new XL form.


Gunner in his 3.0 form with his Gun/Claw

The Accident

When Gunner was built, an expiremental peice of quaza was found in his core. He is able to repair or build any gadgets, Heroes, or weapons.

Later Years

Gunner is now retired. He resides at his ranch in Makuhero City. His ads for "Gunner Milk" and other dairy products can be found around town. He is on call for the rest of his life though, just in case villains attack again.


Gunner is a tall, medium armored hero with blue and white armor, a blue head, and a white Rhino helmet and core.


Gunner's claw is big, with a generator peice on it. It has four claws. This weapon is a lot like Preston Stormer's.

Traits and Abilities

Gunner is a cool-headed hero with a layed-back attitude. He is known for his accuracy and cleverness. He has been deployed countless times. His specialties are medical assessment and weapons. Even though he can do all these things, he is still flawed by his blindness.


  • Gunner is the only "Mutant" Hero.
  • Gunner is the only hero to design his own weapon other than Richard Slasherson .
  • Gunner is the only blind hero.
  • Edward Gunner is Matthew Kream's a.k.a. Aquamanfan2000's self-MOC
  • Gunner was the one that defeated Johnny Bomber with Fire Lord