Elliot Blazer

Hero Factory


Dual Flame-Shock Blaster Blades




Makuhero City

Elliot Blazer is one of the first heroes to use the new .X System.


Elliot Blazer was a hero who was built with the original 1.0 system. He participated in many battles, and was one of the first to recieve a 2.0 upgrade. His prowess in battle and his pure core gained him notice, and he was one of the first heroes to test the .X system. Being modified with parts scavenged from villian battles, he became Elliot Blazer 2.1.


Blazer seems to have gotten a strange batch of Quaza. At one moment, his personality is extremely happy-go-lucky, cracking jokes and making corny hero one-liners. The next, he's frustrated the mission isn't going according to his schedule. He does not by any means have a split personality, his mood just changes easily.

Abilities and Traits

Blazer is skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and fighting with guns. His intellect keeps both him and his team alive though some of the toughest battles.


Since he was modified using the new .X system to 2.1, he recieved some special weapons. Namely, a pair of Dual Flame-Shock Blaster Blades. He also was given two sheilds, one of which can absorb almost any type of energy fired at it, although it is quite smaller. This energy is then transferred to his weapons, with excess slowly escaping in the form of flames coming off his right arm.


Elliot Blazer is an updated version of a hero King Joe created with the Hero Factory Hero creator for use in the Mission: Von Nebula game.

Blazer is an entry in StarScream7's August-September conest.

Blazer is also King Joe's first Self-Hero MOC.