Leader of the Hunter CORPS., Elusive (real name unknown) is a Jodnian politician turned zealot.

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After ordering an attack on the Hero Collegium, he left to Makuhero city to broker a deal for the release of Quaza demon. Notably, during these talks, he's had his men kill roughly 120 heroes in groups of 40.

Equipment, and Personality

As a basic Jodnian soldier, he was given two pistols he still uses, though very rarely, as he does not often go into battle.

Very conniving and intelligent, Elusive has a gift for the gab and legal skills as well. Bending every attack and battlefront into a legal loophole, usually by the way of the bad translation of intergalactic law into the language of the Jodnians, he proves to be a dangerous opponent. Not many know of his socail life, or his personality beyond his poltical appearnace.


Maximum is 15

Strength: 5
Agility: 7
Toughness: 6
Mind: 14




- Elusive is Zanywoop's favorite character to write.

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