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Eon Plazzmu
Cyborg Hero

Hero Factory: Hero Recon Team


Plasma Shooter, Micro-shield


Active, on mission

 Eon Plazzmu is a human-based cyborg Hero.


Ian Plaz was originally a student at Queenforest High, and was excellent at languages and was an expert in the field of atheletics. Because of his strength, he was chosen to be the team's "heavy artillery", because of his strength.


Eon is the strong and silent type, a no-nonsense hero. Even if his methods are a little unusual at times, (mostly they involve rubber chickens and bananas) they generally work.


  • Eon was the only hero (besides Jason Magmaluk) not assigned to fight a specific Infurnal Acolyte. instead, he takes out most of the Data Drones
  • The image for this project was not included in the article, and must be searched for.

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