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  • {{Leader: Derek Slicer}}
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  • {{Other Member: Neville Crash, Simon Pine, Stacy Link, Kyle Omega}}

The Epsilon 5 Team is a Hero Team that is based at Makuhero City. The team features many skilled heroes. The teams leader is the veteran hero Derek Slicer. The team is currently on standby.


The team was formed by Derek Slicer and Neville Crash during the Star Gang's escape from prison. Several heroes were sent to battle the escaped prisoners, including rookies Derek Slicer and Neville Crash. Every hero but the two rookies were defeated. The two escaped to a hero craft and alongside another hero named Kyle Omega, went after the gang. The three heroes followed the gang to the planet Agama. They arrived on the planet and eventually captured the gang, but lost Omega in the process. When they returned to Makuhero City, they were promoted to full heroes and were given status as a official hero team. Stacy Link is the newest member of the team.

Team Members

  • Derek Slicer (Leader)
  • Neville Crash
  • Simon Pine
  • Stacy Link
  • Kyle Omega (Presumed Deceased)


  • The team is the only team to be formed without Hero Factory's knowledge.
  • This is one of only 5 teams to go to Agama and survive.
  • Crash and Link are named after the main heroes of the Legend of Zelda and Crash Bandicoot series, while Omega is named after Sonic the Hedgehog character E-123 Omega.

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