"Feel my wrath!"
―Goldshadow to Jimi Stringer
"He is armed and extremely dangerous. Heroes, shoot on sight."
―Hero Factory HQ

Ethan Goldshadow is a traitor to the Hero Factory.


Pre-Villian Life

Ethan was part of Ghost Team. He was good friends with Freddy Nightmare.

Turning Evil

He become evil because he had been hired to kill heroes by Von Nebula. On the mission where he became evil, he made a choice that would later contribute to the Breakout. He met Voltix on that mission, during which he was told one day Hero Factory would crumble. This scared him, so he started making plans to escape and save his own skin. In a fateful moment, he left his team to die.

Villain Life

He is now known as Darkshadow. He was possessed by a nightwalker, an evil spirit in a mask he put on. He is now bent on destroying the hero factory. He was captured before the savage planet mission by Jimi Stringer. He is currently in prison. He escaped during the breakout. He tried to kill Mr.Makuro when he was sleeping. He was then caught by William Furno and Rocka. He will give Von Nebula the plans for the new ocean armor. The villains who will be created first are Flatray and Crushclaw. He is currently doing errands for Von Nebula. He is Von Nebula's master tactician since he was a team leader. Peter Krauss is now helping him.He has a pet Fangz. No one knows where he is now.

Abilities and Traits

Ethan is now more powerful than the average hero.


He has two electric shooters, a stolen hero recon chest plate and a jet pack. He is a 2.0 model.


He now uses a club and is part organic. His headgear is a skrall mask that he found on a mission.



When he was on the ghost team,he developed a crush on Katie Brand. They used to be friends. He used to be a kind and devoted hero.


He is now heartless and kills without remorse. He was built with a flaw that made him that made him act cowardly during the mission where he found his mask.


  • He is based on Electro, a villain in the Spiderman comics.
  • He was born with the upgrade.
  • He was supposed to be a better version of Mark Surge.
  • He has been 12 missions.
  • He was supposed to become a hero recon team member but he refused.
  • He used to be the team leader of Ghost team.