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General Information

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Misc. Information

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Eve Arcanceprima is a magically powered hero and he 14th Archprime Identity.


Months after the creation of the 13th Archprima identity, William Furno, a quaza mining crew discovered a tainted version of the valuable crystal.There was only enough of the ore for one core and thus multiple research was performed to make sure the oppurtunity was achieved to it's greatest potential. Shortly after the quaza crysal was implanted into a hero shell, thus creating Eve Arcaneprima, the 14th Archprime Identity.

Early life and training

Due to her unique heritage, Eve had to undergo special training to understand and use her powers,And therefore pushed herself extremely far, similarly to the way Furno did, who was also an Archprime identity. Seeing a bright future for her, Mr. Makuro sent her on her first mission in under 2 weeks, which was very risky to any hero, Even Archprimes.Fortunately for her she was only arresting a small crime group,And scraped through the endeavour only barely,And therefore,underwent even more extreme training.


Eve's personality is kind,caring and very sympathetic.She will do what is neccesscary to help others and therefore usually takes more of a healing role on missions.However she is highly capable of fighting whenever required.

Abilities and Traits

Magical Powers: Eve has the power to adapt nearly any object due to the power of her special quaza core,However she tries to keep it to non-lethal adaptions,Only changing weapons,Landscape and armor.

Group Healing: Eve can also heal other people through physical contact,But she cannot heal herself.

Dual Hammers: One of Eve's preferred adaptions these hammers can be used for melee attacks.On top of this she can ram the top of them in the ground and use them to drag her along at superspeed.


Shorter core duration: Because the original quaza circulation system found in all other heroes had to be modified to be able to take on he power of the tainted quaza crystal,Eve's core has to be recharged more frequently then that of a normal hero.

Persuasion: Eve is an easy target if someone can simulate they are hurt or helpless,This will mean Eve will attempt to help them at which point they can turn on her.