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Executor is a Villain that will make his debut in The Vengeance Attack. He is not a henchbot under the command of Von Nebula, the Fire Lord or the Witch Doctor.


Executor serves his title correctly. He is a techno-organic being from Starrux 8, which is a planet where Villains are grouped into teams. However, Executor decided not to join a team due to his extreme strength, and therefore, he left and began to terrorize the citizens of various planets.

Executor has been called in countless times by several Villains to assassinate a foe, which is his main strength. He has never failed on killing a foe, either, and currently roams the universe awaiting missions. He is most likely going to be called in to aid hundreds of Villains in the Makuhero Vengeance Attack.


Executor carries an Iron-Framed Fusion Shotgun, which is a disastrous tool that has ammunition that can blast a Hero apart with one shot. He is very skilled at using it, and is one of the only Villains in the universe to have posession of one.