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Fangz are a wolf-like species native to a multitude of planets, the most significant of which being Quatros.

Natural tools Fangs, claws
Status Safe
Location Quatros, Planet 107, Various


Before Infection

The earliest known recordings of the Fangz species originate from Akiyama Makuro, who roved the planet in his youth. His account describes the Fangz as predatory but directionless creatures of instinct.

Witch Doctor

Several of the Fangz residing on Quatros were forcibly subjected to the Dark Quaza of the Aldous Witch, more commonly known as Witch Doctor. This enabled him to manipulate the creatures. The Fangz specimen became more outwardly aggressive and ferocious, often grouping in pairs and acting as Witch's personal guards, defending him against any hostile beasts and later various members of the Alpha Team.

These beasts were freed by the Heroes and presumably resumed their normal lives.

Physical Traits and Abilities

Fangz are fast, strong and excellent trackers, making them useful to society. Some planets have even tamed them and used them as Police Dogs for these attributes. The creatures are armed with an array of natural weapons, such as their fangs, claws and strong tails. However, Fangz are generally friendly and will not use these defenses against other living beings unless they are provoked.

Known Fangz

  • Various Residents of Quatros