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Fire Lord
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Flamebot was a drone that worked at fueling stations and various mining plants, who was severely injured by a giant machine and was reconstructed into the Fire Lord, an evil Fire Villain overlord.


The Fire Lord was originally a mining bot named "Flamebot" on a mining planet known as Tallos 5. It was there that he continuously worked alongside "Buzzbot" (Jetbug), "Drillhead" (Drilldozer) and "Bomb-blast" (Nitroblast).

On an early morning, Tallos 5 was attacked by a gigantic lime-colored machine that was shredding up everything and everyone. In an attempt to survive, a cowardly manager had the mining bots run off to battle the machine. In the process, Flamebot, Buzzbot, Drillhead and Bomb-blast were all severely injured. Immediately, Preston Stormerarrived to defeat the machine - in which he fulfilled in doing so after Flamebot and his three "allies" were upgraded into stronger forms using scattered parts. However, sudden blasts of radiating heat scorched their armor - as well as what appeared to have been Hero Cores. The Cores were still placed on - even though they had mostly been melted down. Dramaticly, Flamebot and his three allies flew out of the mining area. It was than that they created their own names. Later, he attacked the Tanker 9 refuelling station with his allies. He defeated William Furno, Mark Surge, Natalie Breez and Preston Stormer with ease. Even captured Mark Surge! He couldn't be defeated by Breez, Furno, Stormer, Nex and Evo in their 2.0 forms, but Surge 1.0 defeated him by breaking his arm with a ship. He was placed in prison. He later escaped during the Breakout.

Abilities and Traits

Fire lord

As seen in commercial

Fire Lord, like all his minions, has the ability to siphon energy from any kind of fuel simply by touching it. Fire Lord is also very strong, able to throw the heroes around with ease.

Weapons and Tools

Fire Lord has his inherent strength, as well as a Lava Blaster.

He is one of the many villians to steal Furno's disighn.


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