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 • EMT Grenades
 • "Fire-Arm"
 • Shoulder-mounted Missiles
 • Plasma Shooter



Firearm was a notorious technologically-advanced bounty hunter who continuously threatened the Hero Factory.


Though the exact circumstances of Firearm's early life remain unclear, it is know that he became involved in the criminal underworld after failing to repay "Scratch" for a series of overdue debts. As such, he was contracted as the information broker's personal criminal-for-hire. Over time, however, he became experienced in the field of espionage and technological warfare, prompting him to create a new identity as "Firearm" and willingly work for the Trivolian crimelord.

Aquagon Smuggling

At around this point in Firearm's career, Scratch became involved in string of new crimes in the Mutter's Spiral galaxy, including the unlawful killing of specimens from the Aquagon species, which was illegal at the time due to a population dip in the Aquagon numbers. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of the Hero Factory worked on relocating specimens to an environmentally-protected area, compromising the integrity of the smuggling operation. Thus, Firearm was tasked with overseeing the operation by infiltrating the Hero Factory. Having captured and executed a young rookie Hero, Firearm used his armor to pose as a new recruit in the Hero Factory, keeping a careful watch on the organization's understanding of the smuggling.

However, in one of his earliest missions, the Delta 4 hero known as Sam Clank was tasked with an underwater assignment to investigate the cause of the population drop. Upon finding the body of the rookie whom Firearm had killed and stripped armor off of to make his disguise, he was able to expose Firearm as an impostor. After a brief skirmish, the criminal was forced to beat a retreat.

Later Career

Having gained more experience in the preceding few years, Scratch rehired Firearm and contracted him on a mission to capture Preston Stormer, one of the Hero Factory's contemporary rising stars. As the young hero was proving to be something of an annoyance to the criminal underworld, Firearm met the challenge eagerly and engaged the hero with extreme prejudice. However, he was swiftly apprehended upon the arrival of Thresher and the rest of Alpha Team.

For a currently unknown number of years, Firearm was incarcerated in the Hero Factory detention cells. He survived as a lowly prison inmate until the BREAKOUT event, which resulted in a mass-escape of all criminals inhabiting the Hero Factory holding cells.

In spite of the tracking technology implanted on him during villain processing Firearm holed up on Trenzalore VI, a planetoid in the outer regions of Hero Factory's jurisdiction that was home to considerable criminal activity. Safe amongst his fellow outlaws, Firearm was able to replenish his ammunition stocks once more and returned to work as a contract killer.

His current whereabouts and activities remain unclear, though it is known that he has a long-lasting vendetta against both Alpha Team and Sam Clank.

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