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Flamez is a Nano Army soldier that is based on fire elements. He is the general of the army.


Flamez was created originally as a mining bot nicknamed "Buzzchop". 

After a few months of service, he was upgraded with a new system to absorb energy directly instead of having to use a recharge station.

Later, his CPU was corrupted and he absorbed all the stations energy and escaped. The Hero Factory was soon sent to detain him.

Flamez travelled through criminal means, hopping from planet to planet, gathering and discarding scrap parts, upgrading himself as he went.

Soon he was aproached by the Tarix Factory, and was offered trancidium. Being the crazed energy-absorbing robot he was, he accepted.

The Tarix Factory formed the Nano Army as a group of mercenaries to defend them and their branch of Shadow Titans from anything that proved a threat to their operations, including the Hero Factory.

Many years have passed, and Flamez has done many things, fighting the Hero Factory, blowing up stuff, and having the time of his life.

Weaponry Detail

  • Elemental rifle: This is his primary weapon. A high caliber rifle with an attached grenade launcher. It can have either a fire or electrical effect. It also has an attached blade on the end.
  • Flame cannon: A cannon with a high velocity payload that can decimate enemies in a shot.
  • Incendiary grenades: Small grenades that can scorch an enemy's face off in one throw.
  • Nuclear rod: A cylinder with a regenerative nuclear center that can detonate and wipe out everyone in a five-mile radius. It is used as a last resort.
  • Fireslug: Fireslug is Flamez' pet. He can breath fire and light itself on fire to use as defense.


Flamez is quick to action and a well-trained soldier. He leads his comrades in action and has knowledge of many battle tactics. He is cheerful, always talking, and super annoying. However, his state of mind seems to be declining. 


(Out of 30)

Strength: 29
Agility: 30
Toughness: 29
Mind: 27

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